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Top 5 Stream Decks + Plugins

Discord Volume Mixer


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Finally, turn down your loud friend (or mute them entirely) with this plugin. This one allows you to monitor the volume of each person inside your voice channel and adjust them individually, right from your Stream Deck.

What you’ll need

– A Stream Deck, preferably the Stream Deck + with the lovely dials (or knobs)
– The plugin itself which you can download here

Smart Outlets

$11 – $35

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Make ANYTHING a smart device that you can power on or off with your Stream Deck. Using smart plugs from Philips or Govee, anything that uses an outlet is now a smart device.

What you’ll need

– Govee: A smart plug, a 2.4GHz network, and the Govee plugin
– Philips: a smart plug, the Hue Bridge to connect to the Stream Deck, and the Philips Hue Plugin

Speed Test Plugin


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Have a quick speed test at the push of a button. No need to visit the website and risk accidentally sharing your IP address on stream (it’s me.. I did that). Press the button, give it a couple seconds to test, then read your ping, upload, and download speed!

What you’ll need

– Again, a Stream Deck, obviously
– The free downloadable plugin

Automatic Tiktok Maker


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Making Tiktoks or Shorts is now the easiest thing ever. The free Vertical OBS plugin by Aitum adds a second, vertical canvas to your OBS window. You can completely customize it just like the regular canvas with scenes and sources. Then, using the Flashback Record function, you can record vertical versions of stream moments with a single button. Set your Flashback Record hotkey to your Stream Deck to make it even easier!

What you’ll need

The Vertical OBS plugin
– In the Vertical settings, assign a Flashback hotkey and recording length
– Assign that hotkey to a button on your Stream Deck

Never rearrange your workspace windows again. Thank the productivity gods that this exists. If you have a window layout that you often use and find yourself painstakingly placing each application in its place every time.. never again. Place them where you like them (one last time) and hit the “Get Current Window Coordinates” button, and now you have the location saved for good! Any time it pops up in the wrong spot, hit the Stream Deck button and it will be put back in its rightful place.

What you’ll need

– One more time, say it with me: a Stream Deck
– This free downloadable plugin

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