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Top Audio Interfaces

Wave XLR


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This one has become the standard. It’s powerful, it’s affordable, it’s full of features, and, most importantly, it’s EASY. Plug any XLR mic into this and find yourself a full live mixing suite for easily fine tuning and controlling your audio for content creation. You can add extra control to it by pairing it with a Stream Deck, especially the Stream Deck + with the dials.


– Simple
– Cheap
Great software



Only one large dial. You have to control with your mouse or buy a Stream Deck

Sony XLR-K3M


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This is more for the one-person production team kind of guy. Pop this on top of your Sony camera (yes, it has to be a Sony) and you now have two XLR inputs directly into your camera. No more recording audio separately and syncing it up in post later.


– Uses Sony’s multi-function shoe
– Auto-gain means no clipping



– Expensive for a simple 2-input interface

Rodecaster Pro


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This is the beefy boi on the list. This thing can literally do anything. Plug 4 mics into it, 4 headsets, submixes for every output, buttons for sound effects, the list never ends. It also has two USB ports to connect to two computers at a time (and transfer audio between them). This is the ultimate audio device.. just make sure it’s what you need before dropping that dough



– Multiple mic input
– Great for podcasting
– Dual PC interface



– Definitely on the pricier side

Stream Deck +


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This one is.. not really an interface, but it works a lot like one. This Stream Deck activates Elgato’s Wave Link audio mixing software and allows you to plug ANY usb microphone into it as a source. Then use the dials on the Stream Deck to control the separate audio channels. Personally, I use the Stream Deck + combined with a BEACN Mic. It’s turned out to be a great combo.


– Versatile
8 extra programmable buttons and touch screen
– Use Elgato’s software on any mic



– No analog audio connections

My Personal Setup


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Here’s what is on my desk(s).


At my gaming/streaming setup I use the BEACN Dynamic USB Mic combined with the Stream Deck + for ultimate functionality and simplest desk device setup. I love it. I also use a Rodecaster Pro II to connect my PC with my Mac Mini as well as my guitar interface and giant speakers and route everything for me. It took a lot of experimenting to land on this setup and I have ZERO regrets.


At my YouTube/editing desk I go with a much simpler setup. I have the Sony XLR-K3M on my Sony A7iv. That’s the whole thing. Because I connect the A7iv to my computer over USB, I can not only use it as a webcam, but the audio from the K3M also comes through. When I jump into an audio call, I just turn on my camera and use it as the audio input. Easy peazy.

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