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Holiday Gamer Gift Guide

Recommendations for Content Creators & Streamers


True Gaming Peripherals

The Logitech G502 X is the brand new update to the most popular gaming mouse ever made. 

 – Wireless

 – 13 customizable buttons

 – On-board profiles

 – 106g weight


Wireless keyboard that can connect to two computers at one time. One over 2.4 GHz (usb key) and one over bluetooth. Toggle between them with a single button press.

Wireless headset that will work with GoXLR, Wave XLR, or any other audio interface

 – Wireless base station with built-in battery charger

 – Spare battery included

 – Headset has a headphone output so a second person can listen in

 – Line-in jack on the back of the base station for connecting audio interfaces

 – Listen to both game and bluetooth at the same time (great for baby monitors)

Completely customize your entire controller, from the rings around the sticks, to the xbox logo on the case.

From Microphones to Gaming Mice, give nearly any of your gear a custom look.

Retractable green screen for quick setup, no wrinkles, and easy storage.

36″ x 18″ XL mousepad that only tells truly cultured individuals where your deep interests lie.

Cameras for every budget

The double-sided, 360° camera. Get the impossible shots you see on youtube.

 – Invisible selfie stick (not included)

 – Me-mode

 – Tiny planet mode

 – 5.7k 60fps shooting

Elgato’s high quality 1080p/60 webcam at an affordable price. Fine tune the camera quality with the Camera Hub app.

Elgato’s premium webcam and the world’s first 4k60 webcam you can buy.

 – Massive Sony Starvos Sensor

 – Amazing colors and dynamic range

 – Activate custom pan, tilt, and zoom with a Stream Deck

The perfect first-time mirrorless camera for starting content creators.

 4k video shooting up to 30fps – 

 Swappable lens system – 

 Background blur button – 

Tools for Streamers

The newest of Elgato’s Stream Deck line up, making it even easier to control every part of your stream.

 – 8 classic Stream Deck buttons

 – Touch bar for swiping and tapping

 – 4 dials that can control WaveLink channel volume or be set as hotkeys

The original Stream Deck, only redesigned to look sleek on your desk. 15 buttons of total control.

Elgato’s latest high-end, external capture card.

 – Variable refresh rate support

 – High frame rates – 1440p120, 1080p240

 – UVC device (works with zoom, discord, skype, etc)


Mic Your Beautiful Voice

Elgato’s Dynamic XLR mic


Logitech’s premium dynamic XLR mic jam packed with features

ClearAmp gain booster ads 25db of gain –


Elgato’s USB condenser mic that can be used plug and play or download the Wave Link software for complete multi-channel audio control.

BEACN’s USB dynamic mic with a built in DSP to process every effect entirely inside the mic.

Complete multi-channel audio mixing software included – 

Full suite of audio VSTs to polish up your voice – 

Shmexy RGB ring around the middle of the mic – 

High impedance headphone amp built in – 

Elgato’s XLR audio interface. Plug in any XLR mic and have Elgato’s full suite of audio mixing software.

Complete control over the audio of your PC. Plug any mic or interface into your PC and let the Mix Create take command.

Lighting Gets The Shot

Incredibly bright light for lighting your content.

 – Connect over wifi

 – Control with Stream Deck, PC, or Control Center app

Aputure’s mobile RGB tube light

Long lasting battery – 

App control – 

Magnets on the back – 

Built-in RGB FX – 

Tiny, but super bright mobile light panel. Every content backpack should have one.

This looks like a light saber but even brighter. Use as a practical light, an accent light, or even your main light.


desktop accessories

One of my favorite things on my desk. Easiest way to charge a Logitech mouse

My favorite mobile tripod. Highly recommend if you want to get into vlogging.

Elgato’s mounting system:

 – Wall mounts

 – Clamps

 – Extenders

 – Shoe mounts

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