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  • addCan I use StreamBeats on my podcast or any other type of content?
    Yes. StreamBeats is made for you to use as background music in any kind of content. Use it, abuse it, no need to give any attribution. This music is for you.
  • addIs StreamBeats safe on YouTube
    Every single StreamBeats track has been cataloged in YouTube's ContentID system and deemed safe by YouTube itself. You are free to use any StreamBeats song as background music in your videos.
  • addIs StreamBeats safe on Twitch?
    Every StreamBeats track has been submitted to Twitch's audio recognition software, Audible Magic, and has been deemed safe to use. You might run into some occasional VoD mutes due to their sub-par audio recognition system. This will happen with any safe music service. If you want to guarantee zero mutes in your VoDs, make sure you utilize a "VoD Audio Track" inside OBS that will remove your music before the VoD is posted.
  • addIs StreamBeats safe on TikTok?
    Short answer, kind of. Long answer: TikTok's music TOS is always changing and currently any TikTok longer than 60 seconds that has music on it gets muted. Currently, there is no route around that with any music. Keep it under 60s.
  • addIs StreamBeats safe on FaceBook?
    There is essentially zero safe music on Facebook. Facebook uses the same Audible Magic system as Twitch does but if it makes any mistakes (which it does) Facebook is much more aggressive and has a history of shutting down streams. I would recommend you don't use any music on Facebook.
  • addWhat do I do if I get a copyright claim on YouTube?
    These are incredibly rare, but YouTube sometimes makes mistakes with how much content is uploaded daily. The most common error is by the company "LatinAutor" or a similar name (this is about 99% of all false claims). If you appeal the claim it will be removed. Remember, there is a Sync License you can download above as proof that you have the permission of the music's sole owner (me) to use it. If the claim is from someone else, please submit it via our Copyright Claim form above. That lets us know that a certain track has become a problem and we can take action. Thank you!
  • addWhat CAN’T I use StreamBeats for?
    Commercial use. Also, you may not reupload StreamBeats to Spotify or other platforms. You can’t turn your Twitch channel (or any other streaming channel) into a music radio station and just play it. There is no reason for you to do this, it’s already free on multiple platforms. Contact us for licensing if you’d like to use it in your games, movies, tv shows, etc -
  • addIs a MUTE or CLAIM the same as a DMCA Strike?
    No. Mutes are done by automated (and often very flawed) software and they are done to PREVENT DMCA strikes from happening. Most platforms have no permanent punishment for getting muted. Sometimes StreamBeats gets muted because the platform's automated service confuses the song with a different one. We are currently in the middle of developing our own fix for this.. stay tuned. In the mean time.. it's just a part of the live streaming landscape right now. Not sure what the little "obj" thing is, ignore those. This is everything for the FAQ section, though

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